Cosy up your home with cushions

Adding new cushions to your home is a quick and easy way to warm up your home decor for the winter months. I recently stumbled across this project and thought it was a nice one to share with you, plus the fact that you don't need any sewing skills for it!


Fabric for your cushions
Cushion inner - most fabric stores have these
Iron-on webbing
Old leather belt
Fabric glue




1. Cut the iron-on webbing into 15mm wide strips.

2 Cut the fabric for the front section to the size of your cushion inner, allowing an extra 20mm around all sides.

3. Cut the fabric for the back section to allow an extra 20mm on the sides and an extra 120mm on the top and bottom. Cut this in half to create a top and bottom for the back.

4. Fold a 20mm hem at one edge of the top and bottom and insert a strip of iron-on webbing. Iron to fuse the webbing to the fabric and create a neat hem.

5. Place the front and back sections with face together, positioning the two back sections so that the outside edges are aligned with the front section (see below). The two back sections will overlap at the centre.

6. Place iron-on webbing around the edge of the fabric as shown above and use a hot iron to fuse the webbing to the fabric. Also add a piece of iron-on webbing where the two back sections overlap.

7. Let the webbing cool before turning the cover inside out and inserting the cushion inner.

8. Attach the belt by using fabric glue to fasten to the front of the completed cushion cover.