Cover your own buttons

This project shows you how you can cover your own buttons - without a kit - to decorate cushions, upholstery or a headboard.


Scrap of fabric*
Button with shank
Fine needle
Ballpoint pen
*You will only need a very small piece of fabric. If you are matching an existing project, try to find a wide seam where you can cut off a piece.




1. With the button on the fabric and upside down trace around the button the circumference of the piece of fabric needed to cover the button. Put the button aside and cut the circle.

2. With the needle and thread, stitch a running stitch along the edge of the fabric circle. Make sure to leave a tail of thread long enough to make a couple knots.

3. Place the button up side down right in the middle of the stitched round piece of fabric. Pull both ends of thread until the fabric snuggles the button.

4. Make a couple knots making sure the fabric is tight around the shank of the button.

5. There should not be any fabric or thread blocking the button's shank so you can sew your button to your projects.