Make this floral wall clock

The painting of delicate purple pansies with an intricate tracery of leaves and stems, make this artistic wall clock a classic in any kitchen.



Acrylic craft paint
12mm Supawood board cut to 300mm in diameter
Bostik spray adhesive
Design (see below)
Brushes for base coating and transferring the design
Drill/Driver and assorted drill and screw bits
Masking tape
Clock movement, hands and numbers (or Letraset numbers)




1. Rub the clock blank with sandpaper to remove any rough edges and wipe with a damp cloth to remove any dust. Paint the clock face with two coats of soft green acrylic paint.

2. Enlarge and print out the design below and use Bostik spray adhesive on the front of the clock and back of the design to affix.

3. Use a tape measure and pencil to mark the centre of the clock face and drill an 8mm diameter hole with a wood bit - drilling from front to back. Push the shaft of the clock mechanism through the drilled hole and fasten in place with the supplied nut.

4. Following the instructions, stick on the clock numbers (or Letraset numerals) and fix the hands and clock movement carefully into place.

5. Insert a battery and mount your new clock onto the wall.