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Tokreen craft

Tokreen is a glue, hardener and paint all in one that is perfect for restoring and preserving, or even for creating your own unique home decor accessories.


I first came across Tokreen in my local arts and crafts shop where I saw items that were made from basic items. After attending a class I was hooked. I use any item I can get my hands on.

Tokreen is a glue, hardener and paint all in one. I really like working with this and always trying to improvise and mix all that I know in to one piece of art. I also like to do this as It makes it all worthwhile when I see my clients face and expressions, as they are totally overwhelmed and surprised as to what I did with the items they gave me.

Just to think the same item could have been kept secret and hidden away in a box in the closet. And after I had my hands on it, it became an keepsake that could be treasure for life.

I enjoy restoring vintage items and preserving items to make them appear vintage - as shown above and below. Some of the items can't be bought any more or can be expensive to replace, so why throw it away if it can be restored. I also do baby clothing, shoes and toys and so on.

Melissa Korff 083 504 9114 or 082 440 2078


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