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Chalk it up with Rust-Oleum Chalkboard spray!

A piece of plywood or MDF, some Rust-Oleum Chalkboard paint, and you can create your own unique artwork - that can be changed as and when the mood inspires!


Create an instant conversation piece - you can change the look every week. You can use chalkboard paint almost anywhere on any smooth surface - use it in a child's bedroom on walls, furniture or cupboard doors. All you need is a clean, smooth surface. And when you want to paint over it - you can.


Chalkboard paint
Paint brush or roller






1. Clean the surface thoroughly with sugar soap. If you’re painting over a standard emulsion (matt) paint, you can paint directly onto the surface. If the existing surface is vinyl paint, wood or metal, you’ll need to apply a suitable primer before you start.

2. Stir the paint vigorously for at least five minutes, reaching right to the bottom of the can to ensure an even colour and finish. You’ll also need to stir the paint at regular intervals during application.

3. Apply two or three coats using a brush, or six coats if you’re using a roller. Allow four hours drying time between coats - and check the paint is completely dry before adding further coats.

4. The chalkboard should be ready to use after 24 hours. There’s no need to restrict your chalkboard to a patch on the wall. chalkboard paint works well on fridge or cupboard doors, table tops and even the back of the bathroom door (who doesn’t like to read on the loo?).

In kids’ bedrooms, a chalkboard wall can provide hours of entertainment. In other areas of the home, you can use a chalkboard wall to provide a surface for artwork or a memo board. Do bear in mind that a chalkboard wall can be messy, so don't use in a room that is carpeted but rather in rooms that have floors that are easy to clean.

If you have painted your walls with chalkboard paint there comes a time when you might consider removing it. The easiest way to remove chalkboard paint is by cleaning it with a damp cloth. One the surface has dried, paint over it using a primer. This primer coat should be allowed to set for the night and once this has been done, then you can add whatever paint you want.

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