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DIY Chalkboard wall calendar ideas

New year is just around the corner and I thought this might be the perfect time to recap on ways to add a chalkboard calendar to a wall. Whether you have one in your home office, in the kitchen (on the back of a door), or in a children's bedroom, a chalkboard wall calendar allows you to keep track of important events, celebrations and things to do.


Rust-Oleum chalkboard paint or spray
Foam painting pad
Masking tape
Newspaper (if using chalkboard spray)

Note: After applying chalkboard paint or spray, prime the surface before use by wiping chalk over the entire board and wiping clean.






Mask off individual blocks and use a foam painting pad if you are using blackboard paint, or cover the surrounding area with newspaper if you are using chalkboard spray. Apply several coats of chalkboard, letting each coat dry before applying the next coat.

Use your imagination when creating a chalkboard notice board or calendar - it doesn't have to be square and boring. Cut out a cardboard stencil that you can use as a template to create a circular chalkboard calendar. Attach to the wall with sprayable adhesive while you apply chalkboard spray. If you prefer not to spray your chalkboard calendar directly onto the wall, have a piece of 3mm masonite cut to size. You can spray onto the board, frame the board, or create your own unique chalkboard calendar.


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