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Easy fabric cellphone holder

This fabric cellphone holder is a great idea for Mother's Day, and the kids can easily get involved in a family project to make an easy and affordable gift for Mother's Day. We made our fabric cellphone holder out of faux suede, but you can use pleather or leather to make if you prefer.


Apart from sewing on the button to hold the flaps together there is no other sewing involved. And using faux suede, pleather or leather means you don't have to worry about the edges fraying.


Piece of faux suede, leather or pleather about the size of an A4 sheet of paper
Craft knife and cutting mat
Sharp scissors
Needle and matching thread
Button or choice of embellishment


1. Print out the template on a sheet of A4 paper. Depending on the size of the cellphone you can use the template provided, or you can create your own template. To make the cellphone holder to the right size, use the phone as a guide for the size of the pattern.

2. Before you cut the fabric make sure that the paper pattern fits nicely over and around the cellphone.

3. When you are sure the fit is correct, place the template on your fabric and use a craft knife to cut out.

4. Make sure the edges are neat and straight with a pair of sharp scissors.


5. Starting with the bottom flap, fold this up and over. Place the right flap over the bottom flap and then repeat for the left flap.

6. Hold the flaps together as you sew on a pretty button to hold all the flaps in place. The top flap can then be slipped inside once the phone is inside.


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