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Gift box for parties and small presents

So simple to make and pretty to look at, these cardboard gift boxes are designed to look like a small purse. Perfect for party favours for a little miss birthday party, or for a special event. You can customise the design using plain or patterned cardstock in any colour.

1. Cut a strip of card 40mm wide x 120mm long. You can use any colour of card, plain or patterned for this project, so select one that matches with the occasion. If you are using this as a Christmas gift container, choose a white paper and embellish with colourful red, green, gold or silver tape and labels.

2. Starting on the left side, make score marks at 38mm, 64mm and 100mm. To score, place the card on a cutting mat and use a rounded butter knife or pine skewer (or something similar) if you don't have a bone scorer.

3. Make two diagonal cuts on the end section to make that section look like a purse flap.

4. Use washi tape or cut a thin strip of paper or ribbon. Glue it down the centre of the strip of paper with Pritt.

5. Fold the purse flap end over and cut two slots along the crease - one on each end - and thread a piece of thin ribbon or wool through each hole. Secure with a small piece of transparent tape to make a handle.

6. Secure your gourmet treat to the base of the card with a small piece of Prestik.

7. Fold up the sections and fold the top flap over and secure with small piece of Prestik.



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