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Use buttons for gift and greeting cards

We've previously featured a project that show how to use buttons in so many ways, and one way was to use them to decorate gift and greeting cards. Here are a couple of craft projects where you can use buttons to embellish gift and greeting cards.


Love this idea that uses buttons to decorate gift cards. I have loaded some videos below with the same instructions that are show here.

It's so easy to add buttons to your cards. You can use Sticky Dots or sew buttons on with embroidery thread. This card has a button fastener on the front and is perfect for enclosing a gift voucher or cash for a relative or friend.

Use suitably coloured embroidery thread to sew your buttons onto the card and then tie a double knot at the back, before snipping off with scissors to neaten up.

Knot the embroidery thread to one button and then wrap in a figure-eight to close the flap securely. One the finished card, a length of embroidery thread is left hanging and two small pearl beads added for even more decorative detail.



It's so easy to print cards out on your PC printer and then add embellishments to make them special. This printed card has a ribbon flower that is topped off with a button. Fold strips of ribbon into a circle shape and add a sticky dot to form a double petal.

Glue three petal shapes onto the card with sticky dots and then pop on a button to finish off.


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