Easy Mother's Day gift for the kids

Here's a very easy Mother's Day gift idea that the kids can make and mom will love. All you need is some colourful ribbon, a few buttons and hair elastics and a sewing kit.



The kids will find this a very easy gift to make for Mother's Day, and mom will be able to mark a page - no matter what the size of the book.




1. Cut the ribbon to a length of approximately 30 centimetres. If you know mom has a smaller / bigger book you can reduce or increase the length of the ribbon, but remember to allow a little extra for folding under at both ends.

2. Thread a sewing needle with thread that matches the colour of the ribbon.

3. Fold one end of the ribbon through the hair elastic. Some ribbon will fray easily and you can ask you dad to singe the end to prevent further fraying, or turn under again and sew closed with a basic running stitch.

4. At the other end of the ribbon sew on a colourful or fancy button.

So easy... so simple... and mom will love it !