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Paper butterfly mobile or chandelier

Make this paper butterfly mobile or chandelier for a nursery or a little girl's bedroom. You can use colourful wrapping paper or patterned scrapbook paper to make the chandelier to match existing decor.


3 sizes hoops
Wrapping or scrapbook paper
Template - below
Scissors or craft knife and cutting mat
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Nylon line



1. Print out the template below. You can reduce and enlarge the shape so that you have a selection of different sized butterflies for the mobile. You will need approximately 64 butterflies.

2. Paint the hoops with Rust-Oleum 2X satin blossom white. Allow to dry.

3. Attach the three hoops together with nylon line - as shown left. Tie double knots and pull tight before cutting off any loose ends.

4. Cut 8 of 45cm strands and 8 of 50cm strands and tie onto the hoops as shown above. Again, tie a double knot and cut off any loose ends.

5. Dab a small bead of hot glue onto the back of each butterfly and space along the length of the strands. You can attach the mobile to the ceiling using nylon line tied to the top of the hoops and a small hook screwed into the ceiling.


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