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Make your own book bundles

I recently posted an article about styling bookshelves and one way to dress up a bookshelf by repurposing items you probably already have at home is to create book bundles. There are quite a few projects for making your own book bundles on the Internet and I am sharing a few with you to show you how easy it is to make your own book bundles.


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As an avid reader you won't find me damaging books that can still be read, but I would definitely repurpose old books that are damaged or no longer of use. To make your own book bundles you will need to remove hardcovers.

I visit quite a few secondhand shops and auction sales in my quest to discover vintage items and furniture, and often come across old books that are no longer in good condition. Rather than throw these away, transform old books into beautiful book bundles for dressing up a shelf or bookcase.

An old trick to make books look vintage and old is to use a couple of tea bags and soak in a cup of hot water. Squeeze the tea bags to remove excess water and then lightly dab onto the outside of the book. Dip the tea bag back into the water if you need to complete or if you want a more aged effect. Be careful not to wet the books too much.

Once you have finished staining the outside of the books, all you have to do is wrap with twine, hemp or string to finish off your book bundle.

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