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Christmas baubles and tree decorations

Christmas decorations and cards can work out very expensive! Why not make your own this Yuletide, saving money whilst adding a personal touch to the festive celebrations? Here are some simple step-by-step guides to making baubles, a wreath, Christmas cards and an Xmas Star.



Plain baubles
Selection of ribbons and braids
Dremel Glue Gun and glitter sticks
Small glittery gems


1. Cut a length of ribbon long enough to fit around the bauble adding a little extra to overlap the ends. Glue it around the bauble. Cut two lengths of braid and glue them along both edges of the ribbon on the bauble.

2. Work in small sections at a time so that the glue does not dry before the ribbon has been pressed onto it. Alternatively, glue one strip of braid along the middle of the ribbon.

3. Apply dots of glue along the ribbon to decorate it, adding sequins and gems for extra embellishment. Make small dots of glue above and below the ribbon decoration for a more glittery bauble.

Christmas tree star


Wreath base - available from florists
Dremel Glue Gun and glitter sticks
Pine cones
Ribbon to hang the wreath
Wired ribbon for the bow


1. Take two lengths of wire and glue them together to form a cross shape using the glue gun and glitter glue sticks. Lay two more wires across the first two to make a star shape and glue them together in the middle.

 2. Start to thread beads onto the wire, using the same arrangement of bead shapes and sizes on each arm of the wire star. Continue until the star is complete and you are happy with the arrangement.

3. Apply small dots of glue between the beads to hold them in place and form extra decoration. Trim the ends of the wires with wire cutters if necessary. Using green glitter glue, add dots to the centre of the star, fixing a bead in the middle. Twist a length of wire around the middle of the star to use as a fixing to hold the star in place on the top of the tree.


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