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Make your own picnic or party baskets

Home-Dzine - Party planner, Jordan, made up some picnic baskets using thick butcher paper - you could also use medium-weight card or poster board. These cute baskets are actually quite sturdy and would be great for a children's birthday party or similar event


Print out the TEMPLATE and follow the pictorial step-by-step instructions to make your own picnic or party baskets.






1. Print out template and cut it out.

2. You trace the template four times onto the 460 x 610 cm paper. Starting in one corner trace the template with the handle at the top and facing inward. Flip it like a mirror image and trace again. Flip it from the bottom and trace again. Trace it to the side one last time.

3. Once it is traced - cut it out.

4. Take the two sides with the slits and slip them over the corresponding handle to create a sweet little picnic basket.

5. Fill with goodies and serve to your guests.