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Valentines for the disheartened

Not everyone looks forward to Valentine's Day, so this year I decided to feature a Valentine's Day craft that would appeal to the disenchanted, disillusioned and disheartened. We'll show you how to make a bouquet of black roses using duct tape.



2 rolls of duct tape in your choice of colour

Galvanized wire



1. From a roll of black duct tape, cut 20 pieces about 8cm long to make one rose. For each rose you make, cut and straighten an 20cm piece of florist's wire.


Make your first rose using 20 pieces of tape. Then experiment using more or fewer pieces to adjust the size of additional roses.

2. For each piece of tape, fold over one corner to leave about 5mm of adhesive exposed along the opposite edge.

3. Fold over the opposite corner to form a point on one end of the duct tape. Repeat for the remaining pieces of tape.

4. Wrap the first piece of tape tightly around the end of the wire to form the centre of the rose.

5. Continue adding pieces of tape on alternating sides of the wire or dowel to expand the shape of the rose until it's completed.

6. Press the sides of the rose tightly together to keep the tape from pulling away. If necessary, fan the petals out slightly to resemble the shape of a rose. To make a bouquet, cut a flat bottom on a foam ball and fasten it to the bottom of a shallow container with double-sided tape. Then insert the wire ends of roses into the foam to form an arrangement.


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