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Cute little angel Christmas tree ornaments

As an incentive to speed up their Christmas orders, Art Mind created these cute little angles as gifts for clients placing their orders early. Too adorable, these little angels would look wonderful as ornaments on the Christmas tree.


Art Mind creates unique ceramic work sold via their Etsy online store. I love her gorgeous hearts made with paper porcelain clay. The hearts are hollow inside and a texture is applied on the outside. Then it's bisque fired, sanded and fired again at a higher temperature for increased durability.


String or twine
White felt
Wooden beads
Netting or gauze
Hot glue gun



Cut the twine into lengths for the arms and tie a small knot at one end.

Cut the felt into strips and then cut into small sections to be shaped into an irregular triangle for the body section.

Cut netting or gauze for the wings. It's easier if you make a template that you can use if you plan to cut out more than one angel.

Cut lengths of twine that can be folded double and threaded through the beads. Tie a small knot at the ends and knot to create a hanger at the top. Now you can use a hot glue gun to assemble all the sections to create these cute little angels.


Visit Art Mind if you are looking for something out of the ordinary.


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