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Repurpose and recycle aluminium cans for festive decor

If your hubby is a beer drinker, or your kids like canned cold drinks, guaranteed you have aluminium cans leftover after a weekend, especially if friends come around for a braai. Repurpose aluminium cans using a Dremel MultiTool and create unique Christmas or table decor and accessories for your home.



One of my favourite projects using aluminium cans is to make serviette rings. I use my Dremel MultiTool and small engraving bit to engrave onto the aluminium, but you can use almost any sharpish object. I have previously used an old pen to draw my engraved designs onto aluminium.

For this project you will need aluminium cans. Beer or cold drink cans are perfect and it's also a great way to recycle or repurpose household waste in new ways. You will also need clamps, Dremel Multitool with cutting wheels and engraving bit, as well as a sharp craft knife, ruler and a soft cloth.

You will need to securely clamp the can before you cut, and for safety's sake - pop on goggles or glasses. Once the can is firmly clamped, use a cutting wheel to remove the top and bottom of the can. You will find that it is easier to cut in the direction of right to left as you move around.

Use a ruler or straightedge and a sharp craft knife to trim the aluminium down to a nice size for your serviette ring. Mine is 4cm wide. You will also need to trim the length to around 15cm long.

At one end of the strip use the craft knife to cut out a small tab. You also need to make a slot at the other end that is the same width as the tab. This will be used for closing up the serviette ring once you have finished.

To strengthen the serviette ring, use a ruler and craft knife to score a line along the top and bottom edge about 3 to 4mm in. Gently fold this over and flatten out with a pair of pliers.

Now you can start adding detail with a Dremel MultiTool or an old pen. If you're stuck for ideas, browse the Internet or look at old greeting cards. I went with a holly design as I want to use my serviette rings for decorating for Christmas.


Once you have finished, slip the tab through the slot and fold back on the inside of the serviette ring. And there you have it... a shiny engraved serviette ring that you created all on your own.

This is also a wonderful idea if you are having a DIY wedding. You can easily make your own custom-engraved serviette rings with the name of the bride & groom, or with each guest name.


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