Woodworking 101: Simple Woodworking Projects that Will Make You Money

If you love woodworking and are looking to make a little extra money off of your skills, the projects below might find you a few customers.





Are you handy with wood tools? Or do you just love making things with your hands? If so, a woodworking hobby can easily become a lucrative side-hustle, especially if you produce quality work and you know how to market yourself.

Woodworking is an old art form, and perhaps one of the oldest known to humans. In fact, the world’s oldest known wooden statue, the Shigir Idol, is around 12,500 years old and stands around 9 feet tall.

But modern woodworking hasn’t changed all that much since the time of our Stone Age ancestors. Really, the only thing that has changed is the use of modern tools, but surprisingly, many woodworking enthusiasts choose to use traditional carving tools even in our modern age.

If you love working with wood, and you’re looking to make a little extra money off of your carpentry skill and artistic talents, the following projects might find you a few customers.




Believe it or not, staircase building is a unique artform, and these carpentry projects are in high demand. The fact is, building a staircase requires a bit of engineering skills and the precise use of woodworking tools.

You can also easily make money by building deck stairs. Because while many people might know how to build a deck, many don’t know how to build deck stairs.

All in all, there are several ways you can offer your services when it comes to staircase building. Some homeowners even want each individual step to be hand-carved with ornate embellishments. And you can even monetize your unique skill for building railings or intricately carved banisters.

When it comes to stairs, you’re really only limited by your creativity and skill, but you do need to possess both to create a beautiful set of stairs.



While we all have the convenience of modern life, some of the things that we’ve been accustomed to using aren’t built with nearly the same level of quality and craftsmanship that they were in years past.

Today, you can order any piece of furniture you want online and have it delivered in a couple of days. But where you have convenience, you sacrifice in quality. And you’ll likely have to go through the painstaking process of putting whatever piece of furniture you bought together by yourself.

Furniture making used to be a lucrative trade before the modernization of the 20th century took hold. In fact, many craftsmen made their entire living off of making furniture upon request. And you can still do this today with the aid of modern tools.

Where some people love convenience, others are much more willing to pay a bit more for quality. So if wooden furniture making is your thing, you could easily take it to the next level and make a few dollars on the side.



Plaques & Mounts

Wooden plaques are one of the simpler forms of wood creation to produce. But you have to have an eye for detail and a hand for precision.

Ideally, you also need to understand the nature of wood as well in order to manipulate it to your desire while building a plaque or an ornate wooden mount.

People still pay money for personalized plaques and mounts. Even trophy bases can be made along the same lines and delicately carved for a note of personalization.

Some of today’s plaques lack the craftsmanship and luster of times gone by, when one person would spend several hours planing down a piece of wood, sanding it to a fine finish, then hand-carving each script letter, one by one. And people will still pay good money for this service even today.


Woodworking is a timeless craft. And though all wood sculptures and crafts will ultimately fade away and turn to dust, the need for woodworking craftsmen will always be around as long as humans use wood for art and structure building.




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