A Dremel Multitool is The Perfect Tool for Engraving

If you enjoy wood carving or engraving, the Dremel Multitool is the ideal all-round tool for arts and crafts and the absolute best for engraving on all types of materials, especially glass.






I have had a love of Dremel tools since I was a little girl. My dad still uses a Dremel Multitool that was manufactured in 1967. As a model builder of airplanes and ships, he says that nothing else can handle the intricate tasks involved in assembling and creating models and his Dremel Multitool has been doing it since 1967 and is still going strong. That says a lot about the quality of Dremel tools.

Engraving is a fun craft especially if you combine it with recycling. Engraving allows you to turn everyday items into personalised gifts for all occasions and mastering the art of engraving is not as difficult as you may think. If it is something you would like to try it's all about practising and building confidence as you gain more experience.

Below is a great beginners project as an introduction to engraving and with the right engraving tool and accessories you will soon be on your way to engraving for fun - or even for profit.







Step 1 - Safety first

Make sure you are kitted out in safety gear before you start. Protect your hands and eyes, particularly when using tools that operate at high speed. You should also wear a dust mask when doing a project that produces fine particle waste.



Step 2 - Selecting the right tools for the materials you are using

Dremel is well known for its multitools and the wide range of accessories and tools that can be used with a Dremel Multitool. When you are engraving on glass, you will need engraving tools that have diamond particles embedded in the tips as this is what makes it so easy to engrave on glass. The same applies to any other material that you are working with; select the right tools and accessories for that particular material.






Step 3 - Practice makes perfect

When you are doing your very first engraving project no one is going to expect a masterpiece as the end result. In fact, it may take you a few projects before you start getting a feeling for how to handle the tool and use the various accessories. That said, it is always better to start with items where it won't matter if you make a few boo-boos. Using glass bottles, jars or food containers is perfect for practising your engraving skills.





Step 4 - Have a plan in mind

For every project, you should have an idea in mind of what you want to do. Finding a design is a good place to start, one that you can easily transfer onto the project. For glass, use a glass marker or white window marker to highlight the design and make it easy to follow.





Step 5 - Be comfortable while you work

While most Dremel tools are lightweight and easy to use, for engraving you will be wise to invest in a flexible shaft that is attached to the Dremel tool and makes it easier to move around. When you purchase your Dremel Multitool, ask about the optional FlexiShaft attachment.





A sense of achievement

No matter how your first project turns out, you did it yourself and you should be proud of your achievement. You have taken the first step in what could be a very satisfying endeavour and one that you can put to good use whether you are doing it for fun or to bring in extra income. Keep going - you will only get better!





Turn plain glasses into a feature for your dining table, celebrate a wedding or special occasion with hand-engraved glassware, or recycle glass materials for profit. There are plenty of ways you can use a Dremel Multitool for engraving on various materials.









Take a masterclass in glass engraving





Take a masterclass in glass engraving by watching the video below and you will also learn how easy it is to cut your own glass to size for your projects.









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