How to create DIY custom pillows with a Pattern Generator

Below, we discuss step-by-step on how to create DIY custom pillows with patterns you can design yourself.




Want to spruce up your bedroom the quick and easy way? Changing your pillow cases is excellent to begin with. Not only are they prominently displayed in any room; they’re also quite easy to replace if you want to change your room decor. If you really want a unique design that matches your style, ditch the store-bought cases and go DIY. In this blog, we’ll show you a step-by-step of how to create DIY custom pillows with patterns you can design yourself.


What you need:

Pillow case (100% Polyester/65% Polyester blend)
CF Spark Pattern Generator
Sublimation printer/ink
Sublimation paper
Butcher Paper
Heat-resistant tape
Heat-resistant gloves
Heat press: Cricut EasyPress/EasyPress Mini


Step 1: Create your pattern design

For your design to be truly customized, you’ll want an image you created yourself. Patterns are a fun style that bring a ton of personality to any design. You can go as subtle or as over the top as you wish with patterns.

To create one, you can use your usual design softwares like InDesign or Figma. But if you want to create different designs in a flash, use CF Spark Patterns. This nifty text-to-image generator specializes in creating seamless repeating images from text prompts. Just enter a description of what you want your pattern to look like then click Ignite. Below the text prompt field, you will find different art styles. You can choose one to make your text prompt more specific. After clicking Ignite, you’ll get 4 pattern variations based on your description.



Step 2: Print your design

To print your pattern design for your pillow case, first you will need a sublimation printer and sublimation ink. There are printers out there that specialize specifically in sublimation, but if you’re not making a business out of sublimation printing, you can simply go for printers like Epson eco-tanks, which can be modified for sublimation with the sublimation ink. Sublimation inks are easily available and are relatively easy to use on such printers.

Printing with a sublimation printer and ink requires a special sublimation transfer paper. When purchasing transfer paper for sublimation, make sure you’re getting ones that are suitable for fabric transfer. The A-Sub sublimation transfer paper brand is typically used for fabric transfer.

When printing your design, make sure it’s the mirror image of your pattern. Let it dry for 30 seconds.


Step 3: Transfer your design

For sublimation to transfer properly on your pillow case, use polyester or polyester blend material, at least 65%. You can search for Sublimation blank pillow cases just to be 100% sure on your choice of material.

Before transferring the design to your pillow case, you will need to review the instructions on your transfer paper of choice – how long it will take to transfer the design and the level of heat needed.

Now to transfer, place your printed sublimation paper printed side down on your flat pillow case. Make sure your pillow case is lint-free and that your surface is even so your print transfers properly. Tape down your printed paper with heat-resistant tape. If you want to be extra neat, use a piece of butcher or parchment paper to protect your tools from the ink. Then press down with a heat press. Nowadays there are different types and sizes of heat presses available. Cricut EasyPress is typically used for medium-sized designs while the EasyPress Mini is great for smaller ones.


Step 4: Complete the transfer

How long will it take for your sublimation printed design to completely transfer on your pillow case? It will depend on the heat press you use and your pillow case material, so be sure to review the specific instructions on your heat press before using it. It typically takes only a few seconds at a certain temperature. When pressing down and removing your transfer paper, protect yourself with heat-resistant gloves.


Step 5: Create different patterns

If you want to take your pillow design further, you can create more variations on your generated pattern on CF Spark Patterns. Just hover over the top right of the image and click on the Diamond icon. That will take you to the CF Spark ImageMix, an image variation generator tool which can create 12 more design variations from your AI-generated image.

Once you customize your own pillowcases, there’s no going back. DIY custom pillow cases also make great gifts for friends and loved ones. They can also be a great side hustle if you’re looking to start an online store.






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