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Best DIY Gift Ideas For Father's Day

Get the kids involved in making a great father's day gift he will love using basic tools and supplies.





Just like mom's need to be treated to a special Mother's Day, so dads should get extra spoilt on their day once a year. We put together a collection of easy and affordable gift ideas that mom and the kids can get together and make using basic tools and supplies.


Memory Photo Blocks

There are plenty of traditional gift ideas for Father's Day, but when you want to give dad a heartfelt gift photo blocks are an easy craft idea that he will treasure and be able to place on his desk or a shelf.

All you need to make memory photo blocks is a piece of scrap wood, stiff card, a printed out image and a glue stick. If you have a Dremel VersaTip or soldering iron you can even add a personal message to the photo block.

Another easy way to make photo block memories is to cut cubes from a piece of square pine. Print out letters and images on a PC printer and use ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer to secure and protect the printed images.









Photo Coasters


Create lasting memories using cork, photographs and ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer. Select some of your favourite family photos and cut these out to fit onto squares of cork, wood or thin board. Apply several layers of ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer to provide protection so that  they can be used as coasters.


Sharpie Paint Pen Mugs


Sharpie Paint Pens are great for all types of projects but they are also fun to use on ceramics to create personalised coffee mugs, plates and other crockery items. You will find plenty of instructions on the web for painting and baking your personalised ceramics with a general guideline of 120 Degrees C for 2 to 3 hours.







Personalised Apron for Dad


What better way to show dad that he is appreciated than with his very own personalised braai apron. He can be King Of The Braai, The Grill Master or Best Dad in the World. Purchase a couple of metres of white cotton to sew the apron and then use fabric paints or paint pens to create your own design and then use a warm iron to press and make the image permanent.

An alternative to a cotton apron - use a thin vinyl that is easier to keep clean and easy to paint on.


Personalised Cutting or Chopping Board


I remember doing something like this for Father's Day last year but it's still a great gift idea for dad. You can purchase a plain bamboo chopping board and use a soldering iron with pyrography kit or use a Dremel VersaTip to add a burnt design to the top of the chopping board for a permanent reminder.

If your craft skills aren't up to the task, there is always the option of buying a ready customised cutting or chopping board at



Etched Beer Tankard Or Beer Glass


You can purchase a small bottle of etching cream for around R50 and print out or buy ready-made stencils to transfer permanent designs onto glass beer tankards or beer glasses. The kids can choose their own personal messages for a single glass or a set of mugs.







Make Dad A Tie Rack or Belt Holder


Dads always need extra help to be organised and you can make his life much easier (and more organised) by making him a tie rack or belt rack. Both are easy to make using pine and dowels and a few supplies that you will find at any Builders store near you and it won't cost much to make either one.


Framed Kiddies Art


Framing your child's art will always be a popular choice to give as a gift for Father's Day, whether it's a hand-drawn work of art or framed handprints. One trend I love at the moment is creating artwork using small pebbles and it is so easy to do. Shop around for inexpensive frames or make your own.




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