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Homemade Festive Bauble Wreath

Christmas baubles are easy to break, and before you know it you have plenty of baubles that can no longer be hanged on the tree. Here's a way to make a holiday wreath using broken baubles.



Assorted baubles in different sizes

Wreath, polystyrene or foam, or make your own

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Thin ribbon

Newspaper or mat



Put down newspaper or mat to protect your worktop.

1. Being by placing baubles around the inside of the wreath. These are glued in place, with the top facing down.

GOOD TO KNOW: Before gluing in place, check that all the baubles fit nicely, or space accordingly.

2. Next, use the same method for adding baubles to the outside, spacing the ornaments to fit.

3. With baubles around the inside and outside of the wreath, tie a length of ribbon in between the ornaments. This will also be used to hang the wreath once you're done.

4. Continue adding a second (upper) row of baubles around the wreath, staggering the arrangement so you can fill any gaps in the previous layers.


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