Festive crafts with Nespresso capsules

Here's how you can use Nespresso capsules for various fun and unique festive crafts to decorate your home.


Since we last posted a feature on Nespresso crafts, there are now hundreds of ideas for using Nespresso capsules for craft projects. In this feature we look at using the small capsules for a variety of festive crafts, from making a colourful festive wreath to using the capsules for fairy lights.

Nespresso capsules can be used in so many different ways. The most popular use for these capsules is to make custom jewellery, but you can also use them to make adorable holiday decorations.




It's easy to make your own colourful tree lights with Nespresso capsules and fairy lights. Use a large needle the make a hole in the capsules to allow for pushing LED lights into the cups.



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