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Make Your Own Xmas Decorations

Pratley’s FrogzEggz® hand-mouldable plastic is the ideal product to get the whole family involved in creating your very own Christmas figurines and decorations.


Below is an easy step-by-step guide compiled by Tharina Malan of Pratley to assist you in unwrapping your creative flair this Festive Season.

When making figurines, it is important to remember the No. 1 rule: Break the figures down into simple shapes. One of the nice features of the product is that you can reheat FrogzEggz® and smooth out any seams you don’t want after you have created your desired shape.







Kraftex FrogzEggz® (200 g)
Acrylic craft paint
Craft wire

Optional: Pratley Superglue Gel®








Make the Head

Heat up the FrogzEggz in hot water and roll a marble-sized ball. If you want to make a nose or snout (for snowman and Rudolf), hand-mould the ball into a teardrop shape.

Take two small pieces of FrogzEggz, roll these into small orbs to act as eyes, and place them flush onto the head so that they can stick. Alternatively, let the eyes harden separately, and thereafter stick them on using Pratley Superglue Gel. Adhere the eyes to the head once they have cooled down completely, so they will keep their shape while pressing down.

Take a ball of FrogzEggz that’s about the same size as the head and form a cylinder or pyramid form. Be sure to press the form gently on a flat surface. This will ensure that your figurine can stand.

Ensure the head can rest on the middle of the cylinder and won’t topple forward once cooled. Once you are happy with the shape, and the head can rest firmly on the body, fuse or bond the head and body together.

Create limbs proportional to the body you want to make. Attach the limbs by making small worm-like forms, and then fuse or bond them to the body. It helps to use a skewer or spoon to press the pieces together in small areas.






Adding Details

Adding little details to your figurines can really elevate the project. If you want to reinforce your structure, it is highly recommended that you use thin wire to retain the shape. This is also a great way to ensure symmetry.

Keep in mind that a lot of detail can be added with acrylic paint. Rudolf’s nose is painted on.Additional detail can really bring your creation to life! Here the icing, bowtie, and jelly candies were all sculpted and painted with spray-paint to give a glossy result.



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