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Wrap your Gifts with Style

It is so easy to make your gifts even more special simply by wrapping them with style with these easy gift wrapping ideas.


Nowadays, it is considered trendy to wrap your gifts in almost anything; from plain brown paper to recycled newspaper, wrapping the Christmas presents is all about how you wrap and decorate the gift. It's about adding little details and embellishments that show the recipient how much thought you put into the gift, even if what's inside is a well-thought-of item that didn't cost that much.






We put together a selection of ideas that show - whether you wrap or simply embellish - take the time to be creative and put some thought into how you wrap the gifts and your family and friends will be thrilled to receive a lovingly wrapped gift.

Start with a Colour

When decorating your home for the festive season you will have already given some thought to a colour scheme for the Christmas tree. With that in mind, you can shop for supplies, accessories and embellishments that tie in with the main colour scheme, from a single colour to two or three colours that work beautifully together.







Jewel colours are always a favourite and this year you should be able to find a selection of gift wrap in deep green, teal, turquoise and purple. Toss in some silver and gold and a splash of glitter and your Christmas will sparkle. And while it can sometimes be difficult to find creative wrapping paper, don't forget it’s so easy to design your own colourful wrapping paper with paint and stencils.

Try something different this year for your Christmas gifts. Use a patterned or plain wrapping paper to cover the gift. Now wrap a contrasting band over the centre. Finish off with a decorative ribbon, a bow and attach a plain tag.

Decorate with Embellishments

No matter what you wrap your gifts with, adding embellishments will add a finishing touch to your gifts. The trick is to be careful not to overdo it with too much detail. Decide on a single idea or theme and carry this through for all your gift wrapping.

Go for the Natural Look

Keeping it natural continues to be a popular choice for wrapping gifts for all occasions, and you can quite easily use this for your Christmas gifts as well.

Going 'au naturel' is an inexpensive way to wrap your gifts, but also one where you can put a lot of thought into adding small embellishments for some stylish festive flair. There is plenty of natural gift wrapping ideas on the Web that will lend a personal touch to any gift.






Natural embellishments and accessories can include sprigs of conifer, rosemary or juniper, eucalyptus branches, berries or pine cones - all be incorporated using ribbon or twine. You could also incorporate items like dried orange slices or cinnamon sticks.

For a natural look for gift wrapping, use brown or white paper, string or twine, and plain brown paper labels. Add a personal touch with stamps and Sharpie pens and finish off with a sprig or two of foliage from the garden.

Stylishly Simple

If you're not very good with wrapping paper - and many aren't - wrap your gifts in brown paper packets. Paper bags come in assorted sizes and you can buy these at craft, hobby and stationery stores. Use decorative scissors to trim the top edges for a nice effect and embellish with stamps, ribbons and bows or pretty festive tags.



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