Make Wooden Tree Ornaments

Since we are all looking at becoming more sustainable, why not consider making your own wooden tree ornaments and festive decor?


With sustainability and eco-friendly always in mind, what better way to bring this into your home than by making your own wooden tree ornaments and festive decor and accessories.

There are now companies popping up all around the globe that specialise in assorted wooden decor and accessories for the festive season, and I must admit that these do look rather pretty.






What could be more rewarding than making your own turned wood Christmas ornaments that can be handed down to your family year after year? You only need small scraps of exotic hardwoods to put together a collection of wood turned ornaments in different colours and textures.

Making your own wooden tree ornaments is a great way for beginners to learn more about woodturning and these types of projects are easy and small enough to complete in a morning, afternoon or evening session. Plus, because of their small size, buying some beautiful exotic wood scraps won't cost you a fortune.

Christmas tree ornaments are a fairly simple project to turn and are perfect as a first woodturning project. Use a cheaper wood such as pine or meranti to start with and as you gain experience you can move onto more expensive timbers.

If you need advice or information on how to turn wood Christmas tree ornaments, there are plenty of videos to be found on YouTube on woodturning projects and you will just have to sift through what's on there to get the best advice.

As far as a woodturning lathe is concerned, there are various models out there that range in price from around R2000 for a basic 400W lathe up to R8000 for a more sophisticated 550W model. Not just for Christmas projects, you can use a wood lathe to turn your own legs for furniture projects, make wooden bowls and spoons, and so much more.



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