Great way to use wood slices

While winter is still a ways down the road, here are some wood slice ideas to keep in mind if you plan on having trees felled or trimmed.


GOOD TO KNOW: When using wood slices for any project these need to be protected. Apply a preservative or sealer to prevent the wood from cracking and to preserve any bark around the edge. Woodoc offer a comprehensive range of products, clear and tinted, that can be used for any wood project.

Using wood slices to create your own wall art is a fun and creative way to repurpose what normally gets thrown away. You will find plenty of ideas on the Internet if you don't have an idea to start with. Or mount wood slices onto a backing board as a unique surround for a mirror.



Smaller wood slices make great coasters or pot trivets as well. Try to choose branches that will be easy to cut with a mitre or table saw. Once cut, sand them smooth and apply Woodoc 5 or 10 Interior Sealer.

You can even use wood slices from smaller branches to decorate a home for the holidays. The wood slices below were decorated using a wood burning tool - or Dremel VersaTip soldering iron.

With wood slice and wire you can make your own decorative trivets or stands for a variety of items - and they look wonderful when used as decor pieces. Alternatively, you can use rope, twine, fabric or leather straps to hang your new wood slice shelf.

Shelves are another practical way to make use of medium or thick wood slices. At the back of the shelf you can mount a keyhole bracket to easily slip onto a couple of wall-mounted screws.

Need a table? If you have trees felled, ask them to cut a few slices for you to make your own side tables. While you might not be able to source hairpin legs locally, you can make your own using thick-gauge wire bent to angle the shape.

Wood slices are a cheap way to make a variety of serving trays for your next party or celebration. From a simple server tray with handles to a tiered display.


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