Make your own wood art

Use trimmed branches to make this unique, framed wood art for a feature wall.



If you have some branches left over from pruning large shrubs or trees in your garden, you can use these to make your own wood wall art. Using a mitre saw to trim branches into thin slices, these can then be mounted within a frame for an unusual feature for a wall.

GOOD TO KNOW: Cut branches should be set aside in a dry place for a couple of months to allow moisture to evaporate. You don't want to do this project with wet wood.

When using a mitre saw to cut the branches into thin slices, exercise caution. Remove any smaller branches from the main section before cutting, so that the main branch can be laid flat on the cutting platform of your mitre saw. Also, wear safety goggles when cutting to protect yourself from stray chips.



Rust-Oleum have launched a clear satin polyurethane that you can apply to the cut sections. Use a paintbrush to cover the front, back and around the edge. This will prevent the bark from peeling off later on. You will find the full range of Rust-Oleum products at your local Builders Warehouse. Follow the instructions on the can and then let these dry overnight.



Paint the back of your frame in a black or down brown colour for maximum impact.



To mount the cut pieces into a ready made frame (or make your own frame), use Pattex No More Nails Exterior adhesive and apply to the back of each section with a caulking gun. You only need a small blob at the back of each section, and this will also ensure that excess glue does not ooze out and spoil the effect.


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