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Christmas Tree Ornaments

These wonderful tree ornaments are made using thin-gauge wire and colourful sparkly beads.


To make these colourful tree ornaments you can use galvanised wire and spray with Rust-Oleum metallic spray paint, or use jewellers wire.


Wire, choose a wire thickness that is easy to work with and will fit through the beads

Assorted beads

Old earrings - for hanging

Round-nose and needle-nose pliers

Cutting pliers



1. Disassemble the old earrings so that you have 2 hangers and 2 pins.

2. Cut two lengths of wire to 150mm length.

3.  At the end of one piece of wire, use round-nose pliers to turn loops at both ends. 

4. At one end hold the loop firmly between the pliers, slowly coil the wire around itself to make a spiral.

5 and 6.  Continue to coil the wire, making sure to hold the wire tightly to prevent it from slipping, until the small coil lays against the spiral.

7.  Place the spiral over the round-nose pliers.

8. Gently stretch the spiral down. Use pliers to separate the loops evenly.

9.  From the disassembled earring, string beads onto the pins.

10. Place the wire spiral onto the pin (with beads) and add two more beads to hold the spiral in place.

11. Turn a loop at the top of the pin.

12. Use the remaining pin to make the bottom decoration.


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