Creative winter crafts that will keep you warm

If you want to add some warmth to your home, these creative winter crafts will keep you busy and also help to warm you during the chilly evenings.


Winter is the perfect time to start a new skill, and learning a few basic knitting and crochet stitches are all you need to be able to make your own warm winter throw, blanket for the bed, or any of the creative winter crafts featured below.



Knit a winter throw or blanket

A warm winter throw blanket for in a living room or for your bed is an easy project that even a beginner knitting enthusiast can try. You can knit a basic throw blanket in no time and can choose your own wool and colours for the throw blanket.

Using a simple garter stitch, this colourful striped blanket is just the thing to keep you warm when the winter chills set in. The colours in the throw provide a visually entertaining splash of colour to your living spaces.

Knitting is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to knock up a winter blanket and larger stitches combined with chunky wool means you can create one even faster. This basketweave blanket (below) provides plenty of warmth and you can knit for yourself or for friends and family if you want to share the snuggly love. 

Crochet a cuddly throw

Some people prefer crochet over knitting, and there are plenty of free patterns out there for knitting a pretty throw blanket. A bulky yarn and decorative pattern are all you need to get cracking on a warm winter throw blanket.

This chunky crochet throw is beginner-friendly and easy to make using chunky knits. The muted design gives this crochet blanket a modern edge that will look good in any home.



Learn how to make a quilt

If you fancy making your own quilts, getting started in winter by making your first quilt will soon get you into making more intricate designs. Start with a basic pattern for a small quilted blanket or throw and then take it from there.

There are hundreds of online resources that show you how to start with quilting, and you will even find plenty of tutorial videos that will help you along the way. - 267893877808414401/



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