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Vintage storage jars

These easy to make vintage storage jars will add the perfect finishing touch to your pantry or countertop.



Glass jars

Laser printer

Printable vintage label

Clear packaging tape



Bowl of water



1.Print out the labels in black and white on a PC printer - these should be no larger than the width of the packaging tape.

2. Place a strip of packaging tape over a printed label. You don't want any folds or bubbles, so work slowly. Smooth over the tape with your finger.

3. Cut around the label and design and submerge it in a bowl filled with water. Allow to soak for at least 10 minutes.

4. Using your hands, your forefinger and thumb to rub the paper off while still in the water. Continue doing this until all the paper has been removed. Gently pat dry.

5. Now again, cut around the edge of the label with scissors for  neat edge and stick the label onto a jar. Use your nail to rub all over the label so that it sticks to the glass and appears clear.

GOOD TO KNOW: You may notice that the label still looks a bit cloudy but it will become clear as it dries completely

This vintage craft is taken from Metz Press - Vintage Remakes by Carla Visser, available at select bookstores countrywide.


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