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Ditch the Roses and Buy a Pretty Plant Instead

This Valentine's Day, instead of spending a fortune on a bunch of roses that won't last more than a week, rather splurge on a beautiful pot plant for an option that will leave a lasting memory.


Every year around Valentine's Day, a bunch of roses can cost a fortune, just for a fleeting memory. This year, instead of forking out on a bunch of roses, why not splurge on a beautiful potted plant for a lasting memory?







Do something a bit different this year by gifting your Valentine a plant that says what you need to say and offers more than a fleeting memory. Plants as gifts are far more meaningful than a bunch of roses that will be faded by the end of the week while a pot plant will be far more appreciated and last far longer.

- A Box of Love

Don't you just love this boxed arrangement of succulents, berries and dried rose?. If your loved one is taking a break from the sweet stuff, as we do from time to time, rather gift her a box of assorted flowers instead.







For those that prefer to put a bit more effort into their gifts, there's still time to knock up a heart-shaped container with scraps of wood and fill this with a selection of succulents from the garden.

- Potted Herbs

If your Valentine loves to spend time in the kitchen mastering his or her culinary skills, there's always a need for potted herbs.

A popular trend at this moment is to pot up herbs and add a message to the pot. You can be creative and add a personal message that says how you feel, and your Valentine will appreciate both the sentiment - and the gift.

- Potted Plants

While many people love it when they receive plants as gifts, if your sweetheart is not great with plants, make sure to select a plant variety that will survive. There are plenty of plants out there that need only a bit of natural light and occasional watering. After all, you want the plant to flourish, just as your love will!







- Succulent Gardens

Give your Valentine some lovin' with a potted succulent. These babies only need sunlight and a dash of water to grow. Add a pretty felt heart then add just the right amount of love to your gift. There are plenty of different succulent varieties so look for one that will add a bit of colour.

Whatever plant you decide upon to gift your Valentine, be sure to add the right amount of love with embellishments.



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