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Valentine Decor Ideas

Whether you prefer to celebrate Valentine's Day with an over-the-top display, or something a little more pared back, we've put together a selection of ideas to inspire you.


February is the month of love and it's time to start preparing to surprise your loved one. Whether you like to go over-the-top with your display of love or keep it more simple, you are sure to find ideas and inspiration for Valentine's Day this year.

Simple XO Table Cover

If you have your heart set on a wonderfully romantic dinner for two or plan to invite a few couples around for the evening, it's easy to set the mood with a hand-painted table cover. All you need is a roll of plain white or brown paper, a paintbrush and some craft paint. This fun idea won't cost a fortune and is sure to get everyone ready for a fun, romantic evening.

Heart on a Plate

Red is the colour of love and it's the perfect way to set the dining table for Valentine's Day. Give your dining table a romantic makeover with layered settings of red and white. You probably already have a set of white plates and accessories, so all you need now is red serviettes and some Valentine's treats to finish off.

It's Raining Hearts

Crepe paper garlands are easy to make and will add just the perfect amount of decoration to your home to celebrate Valentine's Day. Cut out crepe paper or tissue paper hearts and sew or stick them on to long lengths of twine or string and hang above the table, over a window, or against a wall.



Personal Touches

Krispy Kreme makes it so easy to share the love with a selection of delectable Valentine's Day donuts. Choose from Hugs and Kisses, or wrap up a pack of Strawberry Love. Add a personal message for your loved one that expresses your feelings.

Little Details Matter

Grab your craft supplies or power tools to make a little extra decoration to add a touch of love to your home. Snip off a few dead branches from trees or shrubs in the garden and dress these up with dainty little hearts for an instant display that is perfect for a mantel shelf or dining table.



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