Ideas for using Fabric Scraps

If you enjoy sewing projects, chances are you have some scraps of fabric leftover and we look at how you can put fabric scraps to good use.


When doing lots of sewing projects, you generally have plenty of scrap fabric left over. There are plenty of ideas out there for using fabric scraps and we compiled a selection of some of our favourite craft ideas using scrap fabric.

Patchwork Cushion or Pet Bed - AXm9hyNOBHNUul2CydAi8bOJnPpQHDyuT7e5xasYudH9IAYCmyJFKCk/

Fabric scraps are perfect for making up a cushion for your cat, or a pet bed for a dog or cat. Collect all the scraps of fabric that you can find and sew them all together to make a large piece of fabric that you can work with to cut out the pieces you need to make a cushion or a dog bed. - 285556432605923584/

Scrappy Pet Leash

Spoil your dog with this sewing project that's easy to make and ideal if you have colourful fabric scraps. I absolutely love this idea for making a pet leash using fabric scraps, especially small colourful scraps of fabric.

Designed and made by Caroline from sew can she, you will find detailed instructions on her website to make your own pet leash from scrap fabric. This project uses patchwork squares to create the leash, and you can quite easily add your own personal touch with beads, studs or rhinestones. - 115264071697008317/

Scrap Fabric Coasters

If you only have a few small fabric scraps you can use these for smaller craft projects such as making your own coasters. Go with a seasonal theme, or just use colourful patterned fabric to add interest to a coffee table. - 54395107984864745/



Door Stops or Draught Excluders

How cute are these adorable kitty door stops? They are easy to make too, and you can use pretty fabric scraps and stuff them with old towels or pillow stuffing. To make these kitty door stops, draw out the shape on pattern paper or brown paper to cut out the fabric. Sew them up (inside out), leaving a hole to turn right side out and insert the stuffing. Hand sew closed and there you go! - 90283167509682573/

With winter not too far away, making a draught excluder using scraps of fabric will keep out cold draughts that blow under doors. You can make draught excluders for entry doors, as well as for other doors inside a home. - 113293746863016410/

Get creative with fabric scraps and make a personalised draught excluder that not only keeps out draughts, but also looks cute. I think these sausage dogs would be a great way to help keep a home warm. - 277112183302878127/

Colourful Key Fobs

Assorted small scraps of colourful fabric are ideal for making key fobs, either for yourself or to give as a gift. And with Mother's Day a couple of months down the road here's a craft idea you can keep in mind.

I love these patterned key fobs made with scraps of fabric. They are easy to make but it's not that easy to source the hardware shown here. If you are interested in buying the hardware, it is available on Etsy. Alternatively, put on your thinking cap and see what you can come up with to fasten the fobs at the end. Feel free to share your ideas with us. - 385550418092889175/



Jelly Roll and Rag Rugs

If you have a lot of scrap fabric you can look at doing larger projects such as a jelly roll rug, a rag rug or a mandala rug. That way, your scrap fabric goes to good use to make colourful rugs for rooms in your home. - 54395107984494964/

If you are interested in making your own jelly roll rug, you will find instructions and a step-by-step video on this page. If you need more fabric scraps or offcuts to complete your rug, ask friends and family to donate to the project! - 52846995612306003/

Pretty Lunch Bags

This project is one that I haven't seen before but it's pretty darn cute. These are lunch bags and they have a tie at the top to close the bag. Such an adorable idea for a little girl just starting out at school. - 441212094739480041/

You will find instructions for making a lunch bag here, so grab all your scraps of fabric and get sewing.

Patchwork Seat Covers

If you need to recover dining chairs or stools, or even make cushions for hard chairs and outdoor furniture, these patchwork seat cushions are wonderful. - 42573158955828081/

Gather together enough fabric scraps to complete the project and fill them up with supersoft batting to a comfortable cushion that provides a soft place to sit. - 600808406517734720/

Fashion Accessories

A selection of scrunchies is perfect if you love to tie up your hair, and the more fabric scraps you have - the more scrunchies you can make. Scrunchies are super easy to make and you will find a helpful video here for making scrunchies. - 415457134374597794/

Little girls can never have enough hair bows and using fabric scraps allows you to make as many bows as you like. These quick and easy fashion accessories only take about 5 minutes to make and you will find a video here that takes you step-by-step through making assorted hair bows. - 158681586857203221/

For lots of other projects, make scrap rope using all your leftover fabric scraps and offcuts. You can use this rope to make placemats, rugs, coasters and more. - 148337381452021202/



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