Turn an old towel into a cute kitty

Find instructions on how to upcycle an old towel into a cute kitty soft toy. This is just one of many ways to recycle old towels or clothing into toys for children. Or you could even make this as a pet's toy.




Old towel

Fibrefill or cushion stuffing

Matching embroidery thread and needle


Marking pen

Sewing machine and accessories

Template 1

Template 2




1. Transfer the templates onto your towel or fabric, allowing a 6 centimetre seam allowance around all the pieces. Cut out with scissors.

2. You will note the markings on the template for each section. Sew the middle of the face (A to B). Sew the middle of the back (G to B). Sew up the face, sew up the ears and then add the ears to the face (F-E-D-C-B-C-D-B-F).  Sew the tail and turn inside out.

3. Fold a dart in half and sew the dart into the groin.


The back ear section is slightly smaller than the front to give it a curved shape once filled.

4. Now you can sew the belly to the side of the body (K-L-M-N-O-P) and then sew the back (S-R-Q-P), putting the tail between the hips (Q-R).

5. Turn all the pieces right side out.

6. Pack with fiberfill, making sure that you fill all the sections nicely, particularly the paws.

7. Close the opening in the head and body with embroidery thread and needle.

8. Use embroidery thread to add the face details. If this toy is going to be given to a young child, embroidery the eyes rather than use buttons.



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