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Make a Succulent Wreath for the Festive Season

Decorate your front door or inside your home for the festive season with this easy succulent wreath.




Every garden should have a succulent or two in beds or pots. They are water-wise, easy to grow and propagate themselves quickly. Not only that, but succulents are available in a wide selection of varieties and colour options and are perfect for a sunny spot in the garden, on a balcony, or close to a window in the home that receives plenty of natural light. This festive season, don't waste your money on an artificial wreath - make one with succulents that can be replanted in the garden and used year after year.



Willow branches of long lengths of ivy or buy a wicker wreath

Thin florist's wire

Wire cutters

Selection of succulents

LED battery-operated fairy lights









1. If you are making your own wreath using lengths of ivy, snip these off now so that they will have a few days to dry out. Arrange them in a circular shape using thin wire wrapped around and tied off.

2. Wrap the fairy lights carefully around the wreath so that they wrap around the entire circle. To secure the battery pack in place, make sure this is situated where the plants will be attached so that it will not be visible. Tie in place with the thin wire in such a way that you can easily replace the batteries as and when necessary.

3. When picking succulent plants for mounting on the wreath, leave a short length of stem on the plant so that you can use this to secure the plant on the wreath with thin wire. Choose a single large succulent and a few smaller ones for best impact.

After the festive season, carefully remove the wire from the plants and re-plant them back into the garden or pots. They will quickly root themselves.

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