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Make a Shaggy Valentine Cushion

Use wool to cover a cushion to create a shaggy cushion for your Valentine.


So soft to cuddle and so easy to make, this shaggy cushion is perfect for a Valentine's day gift for someone you love. All you need to make the shaggy cushion is some colourful wool in two contrasting colours, a cushion cover, hairbrush and a glue gun.






1. Wrap the first colour of your choice of wool around you hand several times.

2. Pull off your hand, tie a knot in the centre and then cut open the ends.

3. You will use a hairbrush to create the shaggy effect.



4. Brush the wool until it starts to go soft and shaggy.

5. Place a bead of hot glue in the centre of the cushion cover.

6. Stick down the first bundle of shaggy wool.

7. Repeat the process with the first colour to make a heart shape and use a second colour to fill around the edges of the cushion cover.

8. Use a straightening iron to tidy up and flatten the shaggy wool and make it smooth. Now you can pop in a cushion inner and give your loved one his or her very own snuggle cushion.



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