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Last Minute Decor: Rust-Oleum Christmas Star

The festive season is one time where you can truly be creative, and this beautiful Christmas star is the perfect accessory for your Christmas home decor.


Grab some accessories and a couple of cans of Rust-Oleum to create this truly unique Christmas decoration for your home. It's a 30-minute project that will look beautiful as an addition to your Christmas home decor.







Rust-Oleum spray paint - White | Gold Metallic | Rose Gold Metallic | Silver and Gold Glitter

Embroidery hoop

Ribbon or string

Selection of wooden, air-dry clay or salt dough stars

Hot glue gun








1. Put down a drop cloth or cover to protect your workspace. Shake the can thoroughly before you spray. Hold the spray can approximately 30 cm from the surface to spray the embroidery hoop with white spray paint.  Apply 2 to 3 light coats a few minutes apart. Leave to dry in a well-ventilated place.

GOOD TO KNOW: Wear a mask or do this project outdoors.






2. Using the metallic sprays and then glitter sprays, spray your star shapes.  Leave these to dry in a well-ventilated area.

GOOD TO KNOW: When using Rust-Oleum Glitter spray it's a good idea to apply a protective topcoat of Rust-Oleum Glitter Clear Protective Sealer once dry.

3. Once the star shapes are fully dry, arrange them around the hoop and attach with ribbon or string and a hot glue gun.

Your finished Christmas star is now ready to hang on a wall, over a window or on your door.



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