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Make your own Quote Frame

Upcycle an old picture frame into a personal quote frame and add personality to your living space.



Picture frame

Printer template - printed in reverse

Rust-Oleum Leafing Pen - gold

Cloth and glass cleaner






1. To style your custom quote, pop onto the Internet to download a free - stylish - font, if you don't already have. You will need to reverse the type before printing.

2. Carefully take apart the picture frame, putting the backing aside for the time being.

3. Clean the glass before printing onto it. You don't want any fingerprints to spoil the finish project.

4. Centrally position the wording under the frame glass.

5. Using a Rust-Oleum Leafing Pen, trace the design onto the glass. You can repeat to build up colour, if necessary.

GOOD TO KNOW: Work from top to bottom to prevent smudging the wording as you work.

6. Fit the glass back into the frame, so that the penned effect is at the back, and the wording reads correctly.


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