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Recycled Paper for Art and Decor Accessories

Recycled paper has long been useful for crafts and now you can use recycled paper for art and decor accessories as well.


Magazines, newspapers, flyers and leaflets - these are all free ways to accumulate a large batch of paper for recycling into art and decor projects. What inspired this feature is an email that I received offering a couple of recycled paper projects that are for sale, and made me realise that there is money to be made by recycling (free) paper into art and decor accessories.





The piece in question, and shown above and below, is a colourful work of art that is made using recycled paper. Look closely and you will see how folded paper has been crafted into squares which are then placed together to create the design. What a wonderful idea. This particular piece of artwork retails at just under R1000 (on special at the moment) and can be found on







A similar example of using recycled paper for art and decor can be seen below. This picture frame is made up of hundreds of folded pieces of paper and is also for sale on at just under R2400.

This unique picture or mirror frame is made up of recycled paper that is folded and arranged to create a 3D effect. So clever. The paper is folded and arranged for maximum effect and it really does look stunning on a wall.

With recycling a priority for everyone, using recycled paper to make your own art is a great idea. It's also a brilliant way to earn a bit of extra money. There are plenty of examples of recycled paper being used to make art and decor accessories to be found on Etsy and similar sites.






Folded or rolled, or even quilled, there are so many ways to use recycled paper for artwork, crafts and hobbies, whether for yourself or to bring in extra income.

Using recycled paper that you have collected lets you be creative to craft with paper in so many ways. Make up colourful picture or photo frames by folding and rolling recycled paper into colourful designs.

Contemporary artist and painter, Jean-François Glabik, works with paper and metal to craft unique sculptures. His works are highly acclaimed and feature in art galleries throughout the world.

sculpture made from recycled paper

Glabik is not the only artist to use recycled paper as a medium for sculpture. There are many artists that use recycled paper and other materials to create masterful pieces of art and sculpture.



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