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Pumpkin cooler

Planning a party for Halloween? This pumpkin cooler is an inexpensive project that will add the perfect atmosphere for any Halloween celebration.


This pumpkin bottle cooler adds a really creepy atmosphere to any Halloween celebration. It dispenses chilled drinks to refresh scary guests and keeps drinks cool all night long.


Large pumpkin

Bowl to fit

Ice cubes


PSA 700 E sabre saw

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits



1. Saw through the centre of the pumpkin from side to side and then hollow out. Scoop out the contents - don't use the pumpkin flesh to prepare food!

2. Use assorted holesaws and your Bosch drill / driver to drill holes in the top half of the pumpkin. These will hold bottles, so drill holes for different bottle sizes.

3. Fill a bowl with ice cubes and place in the lower half of the pumpkin. Pop the pumpkin lid on top and fill with bottles. Now your guests can enjoy the spooky drinks that go with a Halloween party.

GOOD TO KNOW: Give bottles a Halloween facelift by printing your own spooky labels.


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