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Pretty Up your Planters with Washi Tape

Everywhere you look these days you will see plain planters and flower pots being prettied up with paint or washi tape, and it's such an easy craft idea that we decided to share some of our favourite planter ideas.


Washi tape is a decorative tape that is easy to apply and comes in a variety of colourful and interesting designs. Washi tape costs about R25 - R30 per roll, and you can buy it in assorted packs at takealot or at online craft and hobby stores.

Adding a strip or two of washi tape to your planters or flower pots bring a splash of colour to plain pots, as well as an interesting design, if you choose a patterned washi tape.





Recycle for affordable vases and planters

Take your recycled projects to new levels by painting aluminium cans in your favourite colour and then add a strip or two of washi tape to transform them into stylish flower vases or containers. Add a strip of ribbon if you want to introduce even more colours to your finished pots.

When you need custom colours for a wedding, party or special occasion, making your own won't cost a fortune if you get creative. Make a collection of aluminium food cans, clean them thoroughly and then add coordinated colours and patterns to complement your table settings. You can choose specific colours and designs using washi tape and they are affordable enough to use again and again.







Make it more permanent

If you want to apply washi tape to your planters or flower pots, but would prefer it to be more permanent, simply apply 2 to 3 coats of ModPodge or clear acrylic sealer (or even Rust-Oleum Ultimate Polyurethane Satin or Matte) to finish it off. This will ensure that the washi tape stays on the pot for much, much longer.

With washi tape, and possibly some craft paint, you can pretty up inexpensive plastic flower pots to customise them to complement your home decor. Add some glitter, glue on a few colourful beads, or even wrap some pretty ribbon or fabric around your plant pots.

Bring some colour and interest to a plain room by adding some washi tape to boring plant pots and planters. Choose colours that complement those already in the room, or be bold and add a contrasting colour for a pop of interest.





So if you're feeling crafty, grab a couple of rolls of washi tape and get sticking. You can use washi tape to decorate so many items, including items that you like to recycle on a regular basis.



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