Easy To Make Pom-Pom Rug 

Whether you use leftover yarn or buy new, this pom-pom rug is super-easy to make and would look good in any size - in any room! 



This pom-pom rug by Debbie and Mark Wolfe requires no special tools, no special skills - anyone can make this cuddly, cute and colourful pom-pom rug. You can choose the yarn colours you want to use to make it for a particular room or colour scheme. All you need is colourful medium-weight or chunky yarn, a pair of scissors and a mat to work with. 

The best place to wrap the yarn is on chair legs, so grab a chair, turn it upside-down and start wrapping. For a bulky pom-pom wrap around the legs about 40 times before tying off the end.

Use some pieces of colour-matched yarn to tie off the yarn in the middle. This will make it easier to measure out and remove the wrapped yarn.

Lay the wrapped yarn down and measure from the centre outwards about 5 to 6cm. The longer the length the bigger the pom-pom, but also less bulk. If you want to make bigger pom-pom, wrap the yarn around the chair legs a few more times. Don't trim off any excess thread - you will use this to attach to your mat.

GOOD TO KNOW: When tying off, make sure to tie as tightly as possible.



As you mark off each section, tie it off with a piece of yarn and repeat to the ends. Now you can cut in the centre of each section, making sure you cut evenly for perfectly sized pom-poms.

Once you have completed all the individual pom-poms, open them up and trim away any uneven ends.

Thread the yarn ends through the matting and tie off in a double-knot. Bunch the pom-poms closely together for a plush rug. Repeat this process until you are done and then give it a nice fluff-up.

GOOD TO KNOW: If you struggle to thread the ends of yarn through the mat, use a crochet hook to help pull them through.


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