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Tie the perfect bow

Top off your gifts with the perfect ribbon bow. Here are easy instructions for the perfect satin bow.


 Lindt chocolate teddy or Santa

Ribbon to wrap around your gift box twice, plus extra length

Sharp scissors

Gold thread



1. Place your gift box on the centre of the ribbon.

2. Keeping the ribbon flat, loop around the box and knot on the top.

3. Wrap the longer piece of ribbon underneath the box. Where the ribbon overlaps, it should remain flat.

4. Knot the ribbon again on top of the box. You should still have one piece that is longer.

5. Create a loop with the shorter piece of ribbon and wrap the long piece around it to create the bow.

6. Cut the bottom of the bow at a diagonal and then loop a thin gold wire or thread around a Lindt chocolate to secure it to the box.


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