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Making Paper Maché Gift Boxes

Who wouldn't appreciate a gift when it is presented in a beautiful paper maché gift box, even a batch of homemade cupcakes or muffins in a paper maché box that looks good enough to eat!


Amber over at damask love likes nothing better than baking up a batch of delicious spongy indulgence and then packing them up in her own beautifully created paper maché gift boxes. She believes that even those that don't like cupcakes - OMG are there such people out there! - will still love to receive the gift box. I agree, her paper maché gift boxes look almost good enough to eat.

All you need to start crafting your own paper maché gift boxes are some.... paper maché gift boxes! The it's up to you how you want to finish these off. You can paint them, wrap them with patterned paper or fabric, or do something a little different. I found these paper maché box sets in oval and square on Ubuy, but you should also find them at craft or hobby shops, or browse online for your nearest supplier.





While we still have cake on the brain, what about making your own delicious cakes... I mean paper maché gift boxes that look like cakes. Everyone loves a slice of cake now and again, but what if you had a whole cake!

Alana Jones-Mann is a styling expert extraordinaire. Once she started making her cake gift boxes she could not stop. Now she has plenty of gift boxes for presents for everyone! I think these cake gift boxes are brilliant and once you have your paper maché boxes, you can decorate them in your choice of colour and topping. Just be sure to mention to party guests that the cakes aren't edible!




Wrapping your gifts in a paper maché gift box is just as much fun as giving the gift. When your gift is beautifully presented it is such an appreciated sentiment and a wonderful surprise when to open and find out what's inside. You can decorate your paper maché boxes any way you like, but a cake box, well... it just takes the cake!

So the next time you have a gift to give and feel like being a little more creative with the packaging, give some thought to these wonderful ideas and give a gift and a gift box that someone will love.

There are so many ways to finish off your cake gift boxes, like using silicone sealer to add a touch of frosting to your cake boxes. These delicious cake boxes (above and below) are simply paper maché boxes decorated to look like cakes - but they are actually jewellery boxes in disguise.



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