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Everlasting Spring Flowers

Use coloured paper to make a bunch of everlasting Spring flowers to brighten up your home.


Hyacinths are Spring flowers that bloom in beautiful colours. If you didn't plant these in the garden for a magnificent display this Spring, you can buy potted hyacinths at garden centres - or you can make your own stunning display.

Pop into a craft or hobby store to buy a selection of colourful papers - select assorted colours to make up a bunch of paper hyacinths. The colours should look good together and not be gaudy or too bold.


Assorted coloured papers for the blossoms and stems

Craft glue

Sharp scissors


1. Starting with the flowers for each stem, score the card along one side with a blunt tool. Fold the card in half to cut fringes.

GOOD TO KNOW: Make the fringe neat and even - with cuts of no more than 5mm wide.

2. Roll each section of fringe from the end up to the fold line at the top.

GOOD TO KNOW: Take your time to roll neatly - this step determines how the finish flower will look.

3. After rolling all the sections you should have nicely curled blossoms.

4. Take a 5cm wide x 30cm long piece of green paper. Roll diagonally from a corner and keep rolling until you reach the other end. Place a bead of glue on both ends to secure.

5. Place a long bead of glue along the uncut edge of the rolled 'blossom' fringe.

6. Secure the 'blossom' fringe to the stem by wrapping around the stem from the top - wrapping around the stem as you go. Press in place for a few minutes.

7. Cut a small piece of green paper to a size of 5cm x 8cm and fold in an accordion fold. The folds should be about 1cm wide.

8. Fold up and trim any one side into a pointed 'leaf' shape.

9. Unfold and trim to individuals sections that have 3 'leaf' sections each.

 10. Glue individual 'leaf' sections around the stems - just below the last rolled 'blossom'.

For more gorgeous paper flowers that you can make for your home, pop onto my favourite site, Lia Griffith, for inspiration and tutorials. She makes the most beautiful flowers using paper and card. 


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