An organised craft room

If you love to give your home a spring cleaning, don't forget about your craft space. This is an area that probably needs a refresh after busy months of sewing, quilting and projects! Whether you’re a novice crafter or experienced artisan, a little organization makes crafting more efficient and enjoyable.



If you’ve been crafting for some time and have more than a few projects under your belt, it’s probably time to take inventory and eliminate what you no longer need - items that take up space and add to the clutter. While it can be hard to toss out all of those offcuts, bits and bobs, scraps and gadgets you know could be handy someday, your craft room will be more organised.

Check out these tips to help make the difficult decisions:

TO KEEP - There are a lot of items that you absolutely must keep. These are the things you love and would be lost without.  Did someone say OLFA rotary cutters and self-healing mats? Set these aside for later.

LET IT GO - There are some things that are just worn out or haven’t been used. If it’s seen years of action and abuse, it may be time to replace. For the things that just have gone unused year after year, time to say good-bye.

DONATE - Spare fabrics, lightly used gadgets, old stamps or papers always seem useful, but if you’ve completed your project, or have moved on to new crafting passions, donate the extras to a local quilting circle, thrift store or school. Many of these groups can find new uses for these things.




Once you’ve decided what’s staying, it’s time to get organised and put everything in a place. First things first - designate a place for everything. Here are some things to consider when you’re deciding how to organise:

EVERYTHING HAS A PLACE - Storing items in properly sized containers is the key to keeping all your supplies organised. Choose small containers for small things like stickers or buttons to make it easier to find them. Store larger items, or easily organized items like fabric and paper, in roomy containers.

AT A GLANCE - Transparent storage containers are ideal because they let you see what's inside each container. It also lets you know at a glance when you’re running low on supplies and should restock.

GIVE IT A NAME - Labelling your supplies will make finding them quick and easy. This is especially important if you don’t have clear containers. You can make permanent labels, or if you want something more trendy and personalized, try chalkboard labels.

Having a neat and tidy craft space will leave you feeling inspired. That means more time for things like scrapbooking retreats, quilting clubs or craft fairs.


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