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How to Make Beautiful Notepad Paper Roses

These beautiful and delicate-looking paper roses are made using your ordinary notepad papers that you can buy at almost any craft or stationery store and they don't even cost much.




Looking at these beautiful paper roses, you wouldn't think that they would be easy to make, but they are actually quite simple to craft with a bit of time and some patience. While it's not quite Origami, there is some paper folding involved in making the paper roses, but once you have made a couple, you should be ready to make a whole bunch of paper roses!



You can make your own colourful paper roses for embellishments on gift wrap, to dress up a plain mirror in a little girl's room, or just to make a colourful display to show in a picture frame. They are also wonderful table decorations if you are planning a DIY wedding, or use them as part of aisle decorations. Make a lot of paper roses and use them to craft a garland to hang up if you have a special celebration.

These paper roses also look pretty when mounted onto an alice band or scrunchies. They might look delicate, but they are not that flimsy.










You can purchase 10 x 10cm coloured paper cube refills from around R40 at stationery stores, the Crazy Store, or at Makro. They come in a range of assorted colours that are perfect for crafting your paper roses.



Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make your own notepad paper roses. I found it very informative and the instructions simple enough to follow. Set the speed at a lower setting and get your notepad paper ready.



Watch this video to see how easily you can make these beautiful paper roses.




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