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All Natural Christmas

In this feature we show you how to put your DIY skills to use to make your own all-natural decorations - provided free of charge by Mother Nature.


Mother Nature provides a bounty of goodies that can be used in the home - or outdoors - to fill homes with festive spirit. We offer some hints and tips on creating beautiful Christmas decor using items found in the garden in new and creative ways that will have guests admiring your creativity.

Festive Wreaths and Table Decor

No matter the season, you will always be able to collect twigs from around the garden. Use these to make your own festive wreath. Make a circular template with string, twine or vines from the garden, and wrap with freshly cut greenery. Adorn with colourful ribbons and bows.

The garden can be a treasure trove that can be used to make festive table decor. You never know what you might find if you go for a forage in the garden. Using natural materials is a wonderful way to add a touch of greenery and introduce a festive setting. Make use of pine cones, sprigs of fresh greenery, and even cut branches, to create the perfect atmosphere for holiday dining.

Tree Log and Stump Decor

It's always a great idea to save any large stumps and logs when trimming trees in the garden - you never know when they might come in handy! Create your own whimsical outdoor decorations using logs and stumps. Choose your favourite idea and then chop and sand to create a snowman, or Reindeer, that the kids will adore.

Pine Cone Decorations

You can collect pine cones from the ground and keep these for seasonal decorations that won't cost a cent. Coat the pine cones in clear craft glue or acrylic sealer (ModPodge) to preserve. For the holidays, add a festive bow, paint or sprinkle with glitter before adding some string to hang on the tree or make your own holiday decor.

DIY Christmas Tree

If you love DIY and want to add something different to your holiday decor, make your own stand-out Christmas tree. You only need basic DIY power tools like a jigsaw to cut pieces of pine or reclaimed pallet wood and a drill/drive to assemble the tree.

When using reclaimed pallets, simply shape the tree without having to take apart the pallet. Check for nails and screws before cutting!


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