How to make your own Tufted Furniture

The method of making tufted furniture has been around for hundreds of years and is more popular today than ever, and even more popular as a DIY craft that you can learn to do yourself.

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As far back as the 1700s, the Chesterfield sofa has been a feature in the homes of royalty and nobility. Lords and Ladies have decorated their Victorian homes with this timeless classic, and it continues to be a feature in many modern homes to this day. Alongside elegant ballrooms and vaulted ceilings, tufted furniture is synonymous with elegance and that is probably why tufted furniture has lasted through the years.

Today there are many methods of upholstering furniture and technology has made furniture manufacture an easy task. But the process of hand-tufting has become a do-it-yourself craft that many enthusiasts have discovered and mastered, making it so much easier to make your own tufted furniture.

What is Tufted Furniture?

Upholsterers achieve a tufted design using batting, foam and layers of fabric where buttons are sewn through these layers and pulled taut to create the tufted effect. The most popular form and most commonly seen method of tufting is diamond tufting. This particular effect is used in combination with velvet and luxurious fabrics and is used on headboards and other upholstered furniture. Diamond tufting creates a beautiful yet relaxed style of decorating that lends elegance to almost any piece of furniture.

Biscuit tufting is another form of tufting, but this uses a square pattern that is not quite as elegant but just as possible, and an easier method to try out for the beginner.

A more modern tufting technique is that of blind tufting, where no buttons are used, but rather the waxed thread is pulled through and back and then secured in place. This style is extremely popular as a part of mid-century design and the lack of buttons creates a less fussy piece that is more streamlined.

If you fancy giving tufting a go - any type of tufting, take a look at the videos below that show how the process of tufting is done and how you can incorporate this into a wide variety of furnishings. These videos take you through the entire process of making a particular piece of furniture, including the final tufting technique.


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